Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc:
Powerful. Simple. Versatile. Reliable.

Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc. produces the most powerful cleaning system on the market today. The XT’s simple design and ease of maintenance make the unit versatile for the flexibility needed in today’s marketplace. Whether for cleaning carpet (residential or commercial), tile or restoration — large jobs or small — the XT is engineered to perform. With heat-as-you-drive technology, true dual wand capability, deeper vacuum, customized storage and billboard size advertising wherever you go, the Aero Tech XT makes dollars and sense. Aero Tech provides the power and control needed to save time, conserve fuel and increase your profits.

Visit us online at AeroTechMFG.com.

The Butler Corporation: The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality is emphasized with “The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty.” This comprehensive warranty is provided at no additional cost. There are no limitations on machine hours and the warranty coverage includes all major components: The shaft-drive system, high-pressure pump, detergent injection system, vacuum/blower, heat exchanger, fresh water holding tank, recovery tank, vacuum hose reel, pressure hose reel, holders, racks, trays and shelves, etc. Everyone who purchases a new Butler System, regardless of the vehicle in which it is installed and regardless of the options, receives “The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty.” The Butler Corporation provides friendly, convenient and courteous service.

Visit us online at www.ButlerSystem.com.

Cleanco Truckmounts: Direct Drive Dependability


Cleanco Compact Truckmounts are built with quality components including a Roots Whispair DSL blower producing up to 560 CFM, a 5CP Cat Pump with adjustable pressure for upholstery, carpet and hard surface cleaning and the Cleanco multi stage P.T.I. heat exchanger delivering water temperatures of up to 240-degrees F for optimal cleaning performance.

Strategic placement of the equipment in the van ensures even weight distribution, increases passenger safety and vehicle longevity. It also leaves cargo space open in your van to use for other equipment required in the daily operation of your business.

Visit us online at www.Cleanco.com.

Prochem: Proven Performance and a Two-Year Warranty to Boot

Prochem has been in the chemical and truckmount manufacturing business since 1968 and has always led the way in innovation, quality and support.

Innovation: Life is complicated, your truckmount doesn’t have to be. Prochem is continously improving their truckmounts, making them easier to maintain and service. If you haven’t seen how simple the new generation of Prochem truckmounts are, stop by your local Prochem dealer today.

Quality: Having a reputation for high heat, superior vacuum and reliability make Prochem truckmounts the most sought-after pre-owned units in the marketplace. Why? Because they last—for years.

Support: Prochem has the best dealer network in the industry, spanning the world. Providing the dealer network with the highest quality products, warranty and training programs in the industry means that you can rely on the Prochem dealer network to support your business. And, all Prochem truckmounts are covered by the industry’s best two-year warranty.

Visit us online at www.Prochem.com.


Sapphire Scientific:
Pro-1200 Direct Drive: High performance in a sleek package


For maximum reliability, simplified operation and maintenance and space-saving design, chose the Pro-1200, Sapphire‘s premier direct-drive truckmount. This rugged, dependable unit saves space in your vehicle, especially with the optional submount tank.

Best of all, the Pro-1200 performs and lasts:

  • Durable stainless steel housings capture more heat
  • Vulcan blower heat exchanger increases heat output and reduces noise by up to 15db
  • Instant total heat control on user-friendly front panel.

For the greatest reliability and simplified operation — and maximum space in your vehicle — choose the Pro-1200.


SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a Pro-1200 by May 31, 2013, and get a FREE Sapphire Scientific leather jacket.

Visit us online at www.SapphireScientific.com

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