The Experience Profiles, September 2014

Whether you are just getting started in the cleaning business or expanding, choosing the right truckmount will be the key to your success. Make that truckmount a Sapphire.


Why? Because Sapphire builds the truckmounts you need to work efficiently and profitably.

From the dual-wand 870 to the industry’s top-selling 370, Sapphire truckmounts have earned their position as the leading performers in the industry, offering unsurpassed heat, power, durability and reliability.

On the working end of your vacuum hose, you need a serious cleaning tool. For sheer cleaning power, production rates and ease of use, nothing beats the HOSS 700 rotary cleaning tool. Now featuring the all-new NextGen™ glides, the HOSS is the industry’s most versatile extraction tool — delivering the best results on all types of carpet.

The NextGen 1 glide is constructed from a highly durable polymer and has a larger footprint than the current stainless steel glide, which ensures smooth operation.

The NextGen 2 uses a rounded head design to provide high levels of agitation and superior solution recovery. The NextGen 2 glide even provides stellar results with portable extractors! Our testers have all told us that these glides are “game-changers” for cleaning with portables.

Visit our website to learn more about how Sapphire truckmounts and the HOSS 700 rotary tool can help you accelerate your business success.


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