Air-Care_august 2015_2Air-Care_august 2015Cleaning the interior of an air system is only half the job. A thorough duct cleaning entails not only scrubbing and vacuuming away debris, but also decontaminating the ducts with EPA-registered sanitizing and sealing solutions to hinder biological growth and prevent any residual debris from migrating into the occupied area. The most common method for deploying solutions into a building’s ductwork is by using a fogging machine specially crafted for air duct cleaning. Air-Care is a leading manufacturer of these machines.

In February of 2014, Air-Care brought to market the world’s first dual tank fog machine. The new Max II Dual Tank Fogger offers improvements over its predecessor, and is a big step forward in the Air Duct Cleaning industry over all.

The Max II was designed with the goal in mind of saving the technician’s time and cargo space. In any service business, efficiency is critical. Completing a job in the shortest amount of time possible means more jobs, and more money. Here is a product that will reduce your labor cost, while also reducing the amount of equipment required on a job.

In a traditional fogging scenario, the technician will often carry a fogger filled with solution, up a ladder. When the time comes for a refill, or to switch to a different solution, it is not uncommon for the technician to climb down the ladder and refill the fogging machine. The only viable option is to carry two separate foggers up the ladder. Eliminating this extra trip and/ or cargo, as the case may be, is only one of many advantages to the new machine.

For the air duct cleaning professional, this is a no-brainer. Instead of transporting one fogger, then rinsing and replacing the contents, or carrying two individual foggers, the technician can now manage with one dual tank fogger. Air-Care’s new Dual Tank Fogger has a six foot long hose, which can dispense from two separate one-gallon tanks, either separately, or simultaneously. It will disperse Odor Kill and Soot Set to decontaminate residential and commercial air systems, providing a well-controlled cold mist from a stable, low-slung, self-contained case to provide ease-of-operation and electrical isolation.

Additional Uses


  • Pest control
  • Agriculture
  • Restoration
  • Mold control
  • Odor control
  • Livestock disinfection


  • Ultra low volume (ULV)
  • Adjustable-flow nozzle 0-7 GPM, 0-50 Microns
  • Chemically-resistant Viton seals
  • 2 one-gallon tanks
  • 800-watt high-performance motor
  • 120V and 220V versions
  • Roto-molded poly tanks and motor cover


  • Superior performance with a larger variety of chemicals
  • Quickly switch between solutions as needed
  • Six-foot hose, for dispensing from two separate one-gallon tanks
  • Lock-in-place nozzle head
  • Holds settings when machine is shut off
  • 2 spring-loaded valves, which only dispense product when depressed
  • Instant shut off when valve is released. Only fogger on the market that will not leak when turned off, without requiring the nozzle to be turned off
  • Motor failure safeguard (secondary check valves to prevent backflow)
  • Large, easy-to-fill reservoirs
  • Stable base resists tipping
  • Shoulder strap
  • Convenient handle allowing for balance with small or large amount of liquid in tank
  • Power switch atop main housing
  • Lighter than two separate foggers
  • Can be private labeled
  • Less expensive than two separate foggers
  • Spray two different solutions at the same time

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