Product Focus November 2014

Dri-Eaz: Rescue Mat System


Don’t demo that once-beautiful hardwood floor — save it! The Dri-Eaz Rescue Mat System lets you dry out water-damaged hardwood flooring safely and effectively and avoid costly replacement. If water is still present, first extract using the mats with the HVE 3000 flood pumper. Then use the Dri- Force with mats to draw water vapor through the floor. Two different see-through mat sizes custom fit your system to any floor layout. Gasketed edges provide a powerful seal.

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Prochem: Triad


The Triad is almost one-half the size of conventional air movers, allowing you to fit up to twice as many air movers in your vehicle. This air mover has a down draft feature to dry directly underneath the air mover, and it can be placed on any of its three sides, gaining higher reach on “wicked” walls or vertically for Class 3 losses on the ceiling.

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Interlink Supply: E-Tes SD Low-Profile


With the new E-TES SD Low-Profile, any air mover can be installed and used from the back side. We have shortened the height from 22-inches to only 13-inches. Using the E-TES SD Low-Profile in crawlspaces will be a bonus for any restorer. The airflow was also improved, which equates to 20 percent higher heat transfer on jobs compared to other E-TES units. Designed to stack very easily and save space in the van or warehouse, the E-TES SD Low-Profile is available in 120 and 240 volt versions.

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Ebac USA: RM85 Dehumidifier


The Ebac RM85 Dehumidifier is a new addition to Ebac’s range of portable, rotomolded dehumidifiers. The super-durable housing, along with Ebac’s dehumidification expertise, ensures the RM85 not only looks the part, but also provides superior performance. The RM85 is equipped with a robust handle, rugged wheels, internal condensate pump and an hour meter. The unit includes Ebac’s unique “Hot Gas” defrosting, which provides effective operation at low ambient temperatures, and an extraction capacity of 70ppd at AHAM (80° Fahrenheit, 60 percent RH) with a list price under $1300.

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K & J Products: Aerofast 3700


Announcing an update to the AeroFast 3700 CFM. The U.S. and Canada ETL-certified AeroFast 3700 CFM now includes an hour meter. The units can be stacked over 12 high for the ultimate in warehousing and transporting space conservation. The AeroFast 3700 has two speeds and operates comfortably in temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making it your number one go-to axial fan.

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Phoenix Restoration Equipment: Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor


Phoenix’s Hydro-X Xtractor’s patented suction roller provides both suction and compression — forcing water to the surface then sucking the water away, disallowing the water to be reabsorbed back into the carpet and pad. No other extractor can pull as much water from the carpet and pad as the Hydro-X Xtractor. The Hydro-X Xtractor is steerable and self-propelled with variable speeds. If you want to cut a day(s) off of your drying process, a Hydro-X Xtractor is a necessity.

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