3009157-articleThe all-new Pro-1200SE outperforms the competition with superior heat and vacuum in a breakthrough direct-drive truckmount system.

It’s the hottest direct drive yet, with three finned-tube heat exchangers. Two units collect heat from your truck engine’s coolant and one draws heat off the blower exhaust. This provides maximum heat to boost your cleaning all day long. And no extra heat exchanger required!

The unit’s Gardner Denver 408 HeliFlow helical vacuum blower delivers vacuum at 13 in. and flows up to 455 CFM at 3450 RPM. This blower is known for its superior, quieter vacuum performance and long, trouble-free service.

It offers multiple RPM settings with better performance and optimal fuel efficiency – another feature competitors can’t match.

The Pro-1200SE measures only 21” W x 41” H x 62” L including the console and a 100-gallon submount waste tank. This leaves more room for accessories that make the job easier.

Sapphire did not neglect the details. A built-in pre-filter box and more accessible vacuum hose connections make hose and tank management easier, and the unit’s overall clean and simple design focuses on serviceability and maintaining performance. Plus, the record low price of $22,950 includes everything you need to get to work, including vacuum hoses, solution lines, installation kit, operation manual, and more.

Best of all, you get Sapphire’s exclusive three-year parts and labor warranty. No one but Sapphire has this much confidence in their equipment!


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