PRESCOTT, AZ — Sapphire Scientific recently introduced its all new Pro-1200 SE Direct Drive truckmount, which combines two engine coolant heat exchangers with Sapphire Scientific’s exclusive fine-tubed coil blower exhaust heat exchanger, according to a press release.

“One of the main things that sets us apart from the competition is our innovative heat exchange system,” Ron Britton, Legend Brands director of cleaning products, said in the release. “We have taken the same fin tubing that we use in our current Sapphire slide-in models and incorporated it into the Pro-1200 SE. It is proven design that works, is efficient and generates a lot of heat!”

The combination of the three heat exchangers allows the Pro-1200 SE to deliver continuous heat up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit so that owners need not purchase add-on heaters.

Some special features of the new Pro-1200 SE include:

  • Quiet operation due to the Gardner Denver 408 HeliFlow blower, which makes for a quiet but powerful vacuum at 13 inches and flows up to 500 CFM.
  • General Emperor HTS2016S high-pressure pump fitted with high-temperature seals, a long service life and up to 1,200 psi for dual-wand cleaning.
  • Completely new driveline, including a U-joint fitted with high-temperature grease and seals and an easy-access grease fitting.
  • Modular front end kit for easy installation.

“Altogether, the Pro-1200SE is a clean and simple design focused on performance, durability and serviceability,” the company added in the release.

The Sapphire supports the customer’s investment with an industry-exclusive 3-year parts and labor warranty. The Pro-1200 SE retails for $22,950 and comes with an industry-exclusive, three-year parts and labor warranty.