RESTORATOR DUOVaportek’s RESTORATOR DUO is a rechargeable, simple-to-use, portable system. Put the battery-powered unit to work where electrical power has been interrupted or is not easily accessible. It treats areas up to 20,000 cubic feet to effectively eliminate odor contamination quickly and safely. Replaceable cartridges are available in 3X Industrial and S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) formulations, and are rated for up to 270 hours of service. Primarily intended for delivering a fast, high intensity treatment, it uses Vaportek’s patented spill-proof essential oil membranes to release a non-toxic, odor-neutralizing dry vapor into the air. The RESTORATOR DUO sets the standard for treating an area’s atmosphere, structure, and contents simultaneously.

“[Using the Restorator DUO in] the car worked great. It got the odor out and it was nice to not have to run a cord.” — Interlink Supply
“Using the DUO is quite easy. Simple.” — Bridgepoint

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RESTORATOR DUO (combo shot)