xpower-p1.jpgXPOWER prides itself on creating innovative products to suit the constantly changing restoration industry and providing our customers with the best possible products so they can do their job quickly and more effectively. With the world’s largest professional equipment production capacity, XPOWER not only produces a large quantity to meet consumer demand, but we ensure the highest quality in each and every one of our products.

By using injection-molding technology vs. conventional roto-molding, XPOWER is able to create professional equipment that is up to 40 percent lighter than other brands while maintaining durability. In addition, all XPOWER products are ETL/CETL certified for safety and reliability through continuous use. As the manufacturer, XPOWER always offers competitive pricing to ensure that our customers always get the highest return on investment.

xpower-p2.jpgP-200/230AT Mini Air Movers

The XPOWER 200 Series are compact, yet powerful, multipurpose mini air movers that are perfect for drying small spaces where larger air movers are not practical. Don’t be fooled by its size, because the usual reaction we get from skeptical customers when they first test these machines is “WOW! That’s a lot of air!” But power isn’t the only thing these mini air movers have; they also have plenty of features to make them even more versatile.

The 200 series includes a built in 3-hour timer for efficiency and two on-board outlets to allow up to five mini air movers to be daisy chained on a single 15 amp circuit. Also, being made of lightweight polypropylene materials, these mini air movers are easy to transport and store.

xpower-p3.jpgX-400/600A Air Movers

The1/4 HP, 1,600 CFM X-400A and 1/3 HP, 2,400 CFM X-600A air movers are considered the restoration industry standard, producing plenty of power to tackle any job. And, if one isn’t enough then just daisy chain up to four of these low amp units together using the on-board GFCI outlets for those bigger jobs. Its tough ABS housing allows the X-400/600A to withstand the abuse from the most punishing environments time and time again with ease.

A 3-speed control and four angling positions (0°, 20°, 45°, 90°) allow for complete control of airflow to achieve maximum efficiency and finish jobs faster. Add the fact that the X-400/600A are only 17 and 21 pounds respectively, and there is no reason that these air movers won’t quickly become a fan favorite of restoration companies everywhere.


The X-41ATR is not your average axial fan. While the standard axial fan may produce high CFM, the distance the air travels may come up very short, hindering its effectiveness. The X-41ATR boasts consistent airflow up to 60 feet and 3,600 CFM of airflow, powered by its 1/3 HP external rotor motor. It is also the only axial fan with variable speed for precise control and comes with a rack to allow the unit to rotate 360° to focus the perfect amount of air to any spot.

Add in its low 2.4 amp draw, the 3-hour timer and GFCI daisy chain ability and there is nothing this axial air mover doesn’t have. It is also stackable up to five units to allow for easy storage and transporting.


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