History of Phoenix [VIDEOS]

Established in 1994 in Madison, WI, Phoenix Restoration Equipment is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Over the past two decades, Phoenix has become synonymous with excellence in performance, design and value for the restoration professional and boasts the most complete product offering for every restoration scenario.

Phoenix made its debut to the restoration industry by introducing the Phoenix 200 – the very first Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifier in 1994. In fact, the term “LGR” was actually created to describe the unique drying capabilities of the Phoenix 200 dehumidifier. The Phoenix 200 MAX, an improved version of the 200, the culmination of eight years of LGR manufacturing and design expertise, is still a favorite today.

Phoenix Achievements:

  •   First Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifier —
      Phoenix 200 — 1994
  •   First Air Scrubber Designed for Restoration — Guardian — 1998
  •   Patented Axial Air Mover — Phoenix AAM with Patented
      Focus™ Technology — 2004
  •   Patented ByPass™ Technology — 200HT LGR — 2005
  •   First LGR Amplifier — Phoenix Solution — 2006
  •   Patented Automatic ByPass Technology — 270HTx LGR — 2009
  •   GTR™ Technology (Patent Pending) — R125 and R150 LGR
      Dehumidifiers — 2011