Directed heat drying gives you hot air where you need it.

2908160-image1.jpgWe all know that heat rises. That is why we focus heat to the areas that need it and not to the areas that don’t. As you can see from the infrared photo of the drying scenario above, the heat stays contained against the wet wood floors.

Drying hardwood floors faster will dramatically reduce the chance of replacing the floor. Even if the wood floor is cupping, heat will help the wood floor to get back to pre-loss condition.

Faster drying reduces cost

There are two phases to restoring any water loss; mitigation and reconstruction (remove and replace or repair). Mitigating a water loss costs a fraction of the cost of replacing expensive structural materials like carpet, walls, insulation, flooring, cabinets, etc.

A loss that is not mitigated quickly will result in a huge increase in the cost to restore the property to a pre-loss condition.

Prevents secondary damage

If not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, water losses will continue to get worse, a condition known as secondary damage. The most important secondary damage is mold growth with its attendant health hazards and increased liability for property owners.

Other secondary damage includes swelling of wood structural materials, warping and cupping of hardwood floors.

Happier policyholders

A loss is a traumatic event. It is highly disruptive and results in a wide variety of negative experiences and emotions. Whether the insured is a homeowner or a business owner, everyone wants to get life back to normal as quickly as possible.

The faster a loss is restored, the faster the homeowner or business is back to normal; furthermore, the faster you get life back to normal, the happier they’ll be with your services!

Close the claims files faster

Overloaded adjusters want to close claim files as fast as possible. By drying faster, less replacement is required, replacement which can prolong the job for days, weeks and even months!

By drying faster, policyholders are back to normal in the shortest possible time and claim files are closed!


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