Dri-Eaz® Dragon® 3600 Mobile Furnace

Powerful heat — and more than 36 hours of runtime per fill

The only mobile furnace designed for the real-world challenges of restorative drying, the diesel-fired Dri-Eaz Dragon 3600 has three times the runtime of other mobile heaters — a minimum of 36 hours without refueling. It’s U.S.-built with only premium components throughout, including the highly reliable Beckett burner and a TIG-welded aluminum tank that won’t rust. Produces 120,000 BTUs and 700 CFM for 120–145°F temperature rise. Dragon3600.Drieaz.com

DriEaz_Velo_VeloPro_RevoControlsRevolution™ LGR dehumidifier and Velo™ airmovers

Best compact solutions will transform restorative drying

Want to reduce trips back to the shop with more drying power on each vehicle? How about a way to make transport and setup less taxing on technicians — and save space in your warehouse? The Dri-Eaz Velo™ airmovers and the Revolution™ LGR dehumidifiers will transform the way you do restoration. They deliver superior performance and durability in half the size of other units so you can transport and deploy twice as much drying power with every trip or use smaller more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Revolutionizing the portable dehumidifier

The Revolution™ LGR dehumidifier marks a new era in dehumidification efficiency. Its “Large” Xactimate® performance from a unit that’s half the size of other dehumidifiers has made the Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR the industry’s fastest-selling dehumidifier. It’s the whole package:

  • Built-in Precision Control Technology™ automatically optimizes water removal across all conditions and delivers 80 pints at AHAM and the best low-grain drying in its class.
  • Transport two units on a standard dolly — or six on a convertible hand truck!
  • Fits where others don’t — crawlspaces, bathrooms, kitchens and more.
  • Control panel displays inlet and outlet temperature and RH in real time.
  • Optional Duct Kit (F533) attachment available for targeted drying.


Velo and Velo Pro Airmovers

Pair up the Revolution with Dri-Eaz Velo airmovers for optimal space savings and maximum efficiency and drying power! Velo airmovers feature a patent-pending optimized-housing and outlet design that concentrates airflow on surfaces in a broad, even path. Infrared testing of competitive models showed that the airflow of many low-profile airmovers is uneven across the outlet causing inconsistent drying.

Delivering an unsurpassed 1,950 FPM velocity at just 1.9 amps means you can power dry with six Velos on a 15-amp circuit. The Velo Pro is especially helpful wherever power is limited: It offers the industry’s only variable speed control that allows users to fine tune per-unit amp draw in 1/10 amp increments, from 1.9 amps down to 1.2 amps. That allows restorers to fit up to 10 units on a 15-amp circuit — that’s four extra units to speed the drying process.

Both the Velo and Velo Pro offer unbeatable five-position versatility for fast, consistent drying of floors, hallways, crawlspaces, cabinets and stairways — the Velo Pro even adds a kickstand. Their easy-maintenance and streamlined housing is just half the height of “snail shell” carpet dryers and weighs only 21 lbs., and the tough-tested, luggage-style handle makes it easy to carry two or even four Velos through narrow hallways, doorways, and up and down stairways.

And the Velo offers additional versatility with the use of the HEPA filter attachment. Reduce airborne contaminants while you dry, and charge for it!

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