BURLINGTON, WA— Legend Brands created its new Dri-Eaz Dragon® 3600 indirect-fired furnace specifically for restoration professionals, which is why it is so reliable and easy to use, according to a press release.

The Dragon 3600 offers a number of standard features that provide exceptional help to restorers, including:

  • A 32-gallon fuel tank;
  • A 0.8 gallons-per-hour fuel consumption rate;
  • TIG-welded aluminum tank;
  • A 35-38 hour continuous-use runtime;
  • A Beckett burner and corrosion-resistant TIG stainless combustion chamber and heat exchanger;
  • An easy-to-adjust external shutter for altitude adjustments;
  • A nozzle heater for cold weather startup;
  • A weather guard that keeps out rain and snow;
  • An external sight gauge for tracking fuel consumption;
  • An externally-mounted spin-on fuel filter for quick access;
  • A fuel tank drain plug for easy tank cleanings;
  • Easy-to-find replacement filters (can be bought at most auto parts stores);
  • 120,000 BTUs of heat; and
  • 680 CFM and 145 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rise with weather guard; or
  • 780 CFM and 120 degrees Fahrenheit without weather guard.

All these standard specs make the Dragon 3600 a truly exceptional tool for restoration professionals — especially thanks to the ability it provides to leave the unit running overnight.

“While we always recommend checking on drying jobs once a day,” said Brandon Burton, Legend Brands technical director, “restorers can count on the Dragon to deliver consistent, dependable heat throughout the drying process.”