Truckmount Profiles, June 2015


Powerful, Multi-Purpose Performance

Cleanco Compact direct drive (PTO) truckmount systems are built with quality components, including the Roots Whispair DSL blower that produces up to 560 CFM and features our FloMax Airflow Technology for fast drying times. The 5CP Cat Pump and the front panel pressure regulator allow for adjustable pressure up to 1,200 psi for hard surface, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

High Heat

The Cleanco multi-stage P.T.I. heat exchanger, in addition to the dual reverse flow heat exchangers, delivers water temperatures up to 240°F when cleaning carpet or upholstery. This provides exceptional cleaning results with less effort by enhancing the performance of the cleaning solutions being used and also decreasing drying time.

Fuel Efficient

The Cleanco E.T.M. (Electronic Throttle Module) maintains the host vehicle engine speed at a consistent RPM, saving fuel costs. The average amount of fuel used to operate a Compact Direct Drive Truckmount is 1.5 gallons per hour.*

3006312-image2.jpgCompact Design

Cleanco takes pride in the practical configuration of our equipment. With every Cleanco Compact, you have free open cargo space in your van. Using the least amount of cargo space allows room for other equipment required in the daily operation of your business. Strategically placing the equipment in the van also ensures even weight distribution, increases passenger safety and improves vehicle longevity.

Advanced Chemical Solutions

Esteam Cleaning Systems chemical line consists of premium-quality, concentrated formulas that go farther and work better, saving you labor, time and money. Our line produces excellent results and solves the toughest soiling conditions encountered by professional cleaners. The categories we specialize in are carpet presprays and emulsifiers, upholstery cleaning products, spotting agents, green-line products, protectors, deodorizers, hard surface products and fire/ flood restoration products.


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