Here’s something a lot of restoration contractors, just like you, don’t know.

Insurance adjusters tend to put restoration contractors into two categories. You are either “one of ours” or you are “one of theirs.”

What that means is that if you’ve been called into a loss scenario (regardless of your specialty) by the policyholder rather than the adjuster, you are on the wrong team. If he doesn’t already know you, the adjuster may automatically mistrust you.

Here’s a way to capitalize on this situation and end up with the job, a relationship with a new adjuster and a nice check when it’s all over. You have to find an opportunity to make sure the adjuster knows three things:

First, you didn’t know the policyholder prior to being called.

Second, you are keenly interested in projecting an accurate and fair assessment.

Third, you are repulsed by people who try to rip off insurance companies.

Consider this first encounter the start of a long productive relationship with an adjuster . . . and work it.   A little training in marketing to claims adjusters wouldn’t hurt.

Independent Adjuster Peter Crosa conducts workshops and seminars on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is the author of the Restoration & Mitigation Contractor’s Guide to Insurance Repair Marketing. Follow him on Twitter at, visit his website at and email [email protected] to ask a question.