I received a comment from an attendee at one of my seminars. It was interesting what he had to share.

Here it is:

“I have a prospect who serves as a gatekeeper to vendors who want to provide services to his company. In true power-trip fashion he personally meets with every anxious vendor to review qualifications. At times this review takes on an abusive tone. His points of interest seem quite arbitrary and he nit-picks over minor matters. I get the sense that he’s teasing, probing or stalling but I can’t figure out for what purpose. Does this guy want to do business or not?” 

My first thought was that this guy was “fishing.” He’s after something and maybe it’s just to get to the moment when you finally say “What will it take to get business from you?” 

Put another way, “What do I have to give you to get business from your company?” 

The key here is to clearly determine what his needs are. What does he want? Does he want the most competent vendor? Or will he accept an adequate vendor who will appreciate a gatekeeper who gives him business.

Your mission is to determine the needs of the decision maker.  You may just have to ask him a point-blank question: What do you need?

Independent adjuster Peter Crosa conducts workshops and seminars on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is the author of the 2014 Restoration & Mitigation Contractors Guide to Insurance Repair Marketing. Follow him on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/AdjusterMarket, visit his website at www.SSHCA.net or e-mail him at Peter@SSHCA.net to ask a question.