Are your Google and/or Yelp reviews killing your phone call volume? The answer is: Very possibly. And, if you’re like most company owners, you would like to maximize the output of every single source of phone calls you can get your hands on.

But, even today, after years and years of reviews being posted, when it seems like old news to most of us, you’d still be alarmed at how many people do not care or even pay attention to their reviews. They ignore them to their own detriment. Yes, if it is ignored, no matter how good you market online, you will turn away some, if not most, of your customers.

Face the facts: People look at reviews! You do, and they do — on Amazon, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.

There are a few scenarios here that we will examine and the results of each:

  1. You have no reviews.
  2. You have tons of positive reviews and no negative reviews at all.
  3. You only have negative reviews or a majority of negative reviews.

Each of these will produce fewer phone calls than you are capable of getting.

#1 You have no reviews

This first problem is simple. Potential clients Google and see the search above.

Guess who customers aren’t picking? If you’re the center company in the Google search results, you look unestablished or like a fake company, resulting in no calls.

#2 You have tons of positive reviews and no negative reviews at all

Now this one is tricky because most business owners think this is what they want. They rant and rave when they get a bad review. However, this is not necessary and, in realty, is much better for your reviews!

Having too many perfect reviews actually backfires on you. Why? Because it looks like you’re buying or placing fake reviews. You want some bad reviews, not many, but a few. People are smart out there. They pick someone who has a majority of good reviews, but also a few bad ones, so they know you’re real. Every company out there gets cockroaches that leave bad reviews, everyone knows it.

See the Google search image, and decide which company’s reviews make it seem fake reviews could be a problem.

#3 You only have negative reviews (or primarily negative reviews)

Now this one is obvious, or I’d like to think so anyways.  It should be super clear how you’re viewed when you only have mostly bad reviews. You look like a charlatan who will probably steal or do a bad job. Simple.

I knew a guy once who had 6 negative reviews on Yelp and 5 negative ones on Google, with only one positive review. No matter how good his online marketing was, no one was calling. Why? Because people look at your reviews before they call you. The result of this is simple. No one calls you, period.

In the Google search image, it’s hard to say which is worse — the company with no reviews or the one with four reviews and only three stars. Personally, I’d pass on both.

Spend time and the effort on your reviews. You don’t have to like it, but believe me, it is worth it. SEO, PPC, and Reviews are not areas where you want to cheap out in your company’s marketing budget.

Dan York is the founder and CEO of Stellar-eMarketing and is a seasoned entrepreneur, internet marketing expert, and administrative and marketing consultant as well as a veteran public speaker. More information is found on York’s websites: and