Cleanfax caught up with Howard Partridge of the Howard Partridge Inner Circle and Phenomenal Products during The Experience Convention and Trade Show 2017 in Las Vegas and asked about the best way to grow your cleaning and restoration company.

“Very few companies actually focus on referrals and have a system for that,” says Partridge. “Eighty-five percent of small businesses… say that repeat or referral is the best way to build their business, yet the same amount of people don’t have a system for doing so.”

See the full video, “The Best Way to Grow Your Cleaning and Restoration Business,” below.

Partridge points to his September 2017 article in Cleanfax, The Secret to Record Sales and Profits,” for a detailed analysis of this issue.

“The secret is this: To find referral sources — you probably already get referrals from flooring retailers, or if you’re in restoration, from plumbers or adjusters… — but what you haven’t done is you haven’t gone and built a stronger relationship with them and you haven’t reached out to find more [sources],” he explains.

Partridge adds, “The secret is to find those referral sources and to go and build a relationship with them.”

Howard Partridge started his cleaning business from the trunk of his car over 31 years ago and built it up to over $3 million per year. For two decades, Partridge has been coaching cleaning and restoration companies and teaching them to have phenomenal success. He is the exclusive small business coach for Ziglar Inc., the world’s first Ziglar Legacy Trainer, the founding member of the John Maxwell Coaching Team, a DISC Certified Trainer, a ONE THING Certified Trainer and a four-time, No. 1, bestselling author.

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