Every cleaner has faced this situation: A carpet with so many stains you wonder why the homeowner doesn’t just replace it. But with a quality product both in fiber type and construction, carpet can bounce back from abuse.

That’s what happened here. Check out the job description and photos from Ron Robbins, the winner of the October 2016 Photo of the Month Contest.

How a nyon carpet recovered after cleaningRon describes this particular job: I had sold a top-quality, casual-textured nylon carpet to these nice folks 16 years ago. Eventually, some ill-mannered Chihuahuas had their way with it too many times, and three years passed since its last cleaning. Also, the customer had sprayed cans of the latest “miracle-foams.” Armed with just my single-cord portable, I power-sprayed a hot pre-treat right through the machine, using my old “dye-wand.”  The “kitchen-sink” approach prevailed, throwing in two standard detergents, strong powdered enzyme pre-treat, deodorizer, oxidizer and defoamer concentrate to counter the heavy foamy residue soon to surface. A good pile-brush scrubbing, 20 minutes, and it was extraction-time. Results were fantastic, with much credit going to the quality of the fiber itself.

The photo contest winner this month is Ron Robbins with Steamy Wonder Carpet Service in Lake Forest, CA.  His company will receive a chemical prize package from Solutions by Steam Pros worth $500.

For an opportunity to win a chemical prize package from Solutions by Steam Pros (worth $500), send your images and a brief 100-word description on how you obtained your results to Jeff Cross, executive editor, at [email protected] or 193 Purple Finch Loop, Pataskala, OH 43062. Contest rules available by request.