BIRMINGHAM, AL — The Cleanfax team is wrapping up production on its May issue, which is filled with business-building tips and industry-specific insight, including this month’s Commercial Cash Flow article on commercial carpet warranties and the bonnet cleaning method.

In the article, contributor Fred Geyen goes directly to some of the top carpet producers — Beaulieu, Mohawk, J&J, Milliken, Shaw, Tandus and Interface — for the exact wording on bonnet machines and the like to find out if the method actually voids warranties as we so often hear.

Geyen finds a general consensus on the warranty voidance issue and consults industry expert Bill Yeadon, an IICRC-approved instructor and graduate of Shaw’s Masters in Technology course, on the mills’ actual past responses. The article also explores the legality of the issue, including whether the mills ever actually make cleaners responsible for the cost of new carpet.

In the article, Geyen says:

“All mills had one principal objective for their carpet maintenance guides and bonnet/rotary statements. They want their customers happy and their carpet to perform and look better over a longer period of time.”

Find out if carpet mills’ efforts to keep “customers happy” really do affect how you can clean your customers carpet in the May 2016 issue of Cleanfax.