CHATTANOOGA, TN — Stainmaster’s new Pet Protect ad campaign attempts to “aggressively target” pet owners, according to a podcast from Floor Daily.

In the podcast’s interview, Invista’s director of marketing communications, Gary Johnston, speaks with Kemp Harr.

In the interview, Johnston explains the thought process and methodology behind Stainmaster’s popular new ad campaign in which pets apologize to their owners for the damage they do to carpet.

“We did the preliminary research on the pet market and basically found that there’s more pets in households today in North America than there are children,” Johnston says in the interview. “There’s a lot of passion and emotion in that category, so we decided to tap into that pet market, where we found that the shopper loves their pet put they don’t love what the pet does in the house.”

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And click here to view a Stainmaster Pet Protect commercial.