MUKILTEO, WA — When facility managers and cleaning professionals performing carpet cleaning consider selecting a new hot-water carpet extractor, they rightfully focus on the machine, its features, and benefits.

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However, often lost in the selection process is the wand. Wand selection is crucial because selecting the right wand helps complete carpet cleaning tasks faster, more effectively, and even more safely.

According to Joe Versluis, product manager for  U.S. Products, maker of professional hot-water carpet extractors, some of the key features in wand selection include:

Weight: The weight of the wand can help and hinder carpet cleaning. A heavier wand can improve cleaning performance because it helps "seal" the wand to the carpet for more effective extraction. However, a wand that is too heavy can prove difficult to use and cause physical stress. In general, a light wand (some are under seven pounds) that provides the essential "seal" when extracting is your best choice.

Ergonomics: You and your wand are a team and this is what ergonomics is all about. When you try different wands, see which one feels the most comfortable to work with. Remember, you're going to be working with this team member a lot.

Wide head: A wider head typically means fewer passes over the carpet; this helps speed the cleaning process.

Durability: Rotationally molded wands are proving to be some of the most durable and lightweight models available.

Glide: Some wands now have customized glide-holders molded right into the head of the wand for greater durability. These wands glide over the carpet, making the extraction process easier for the technician.

Airflow: Some wands have advanced laminar airflow designs. This allows air to travel through the wand more smoothly, improving cleaning effectiveness and performance.

"The choice of wand can even make a difference in the Seal of Approval rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)," adds Versluis. "Some machines have moved from Bronze to Gold certification just by using a different wand."*

*CRI's Seal of Approval program rates wands and other tools on various factors, including overall performance.

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