CHICAGO — Rug Summit VIII is set to visit the Chicago area on September 17-19, featuring educational seminars and rug plant visits.

The event begins Wednesday afternoon with a visit to a fully automated Moore Rug Plant at K. A. Pridjian & Company. Tom Jundanian will host the Rug Summit attendees.

After the plant tour, attendees are invited to stay for hospitality at the rug plant. The evening will unfold with food and cocktails. This will be a time to greet and meet everyone coming in for the Summit. The mingling in the attached rug gallery will create the ambiance to be enjoyed by all with some live music by some of the musicians among us.

On Thursday, another visit is scheduled at an automated Moore Rug Plant tour. The group will visit Boushelle Inc., owned by Karl Heinrick.  This is the company that bought the first ever Moore Time Saving Equipment from founder Arthur Moore. It will be here that Robert Mann, Murray Peacock and others intend to perform some wash floor demonstrations to show different approaches to common issues that occur in a rug care facility with the equipment there. 

Additionally, the morning will have break-out sessions on site in group settings with tables and chairs covering relevant matters to the rug care business. The key presenters and topics will be announced soon. Sessions will conclude mid-afternoon.

On Friday, the group reconvenes at K.A. Pridjian's for  various presentations. The Rug Summit will conclude approximately at noon.

For more information, or to register, visit the Rug Summit website.