SANTA CRUZ, CA — Mikey's Fest 2014 was a successful, grassroots gathering for carpet cleaners who frequent Mikey's Board, an industry forum.

Approximately 125 cleaners and supporters were on hand Friday and Saturday, February 21-22 at the Santa Cruz, CA, event, featuring educational sessions, demonstrations and vendor displays.

The highest attended Mikey’s Fest in its 10 year history was in 2011, held in Nashville, with 130 in attendance.

Click here to view a Facebook photo album from the event.

The next event, to be held early in 2015, will be announced soon.

What happened at the event?

Mike Pailliotet, event founder and organizer, commented on the activities attendees enjoyed at the event:

The event went off without a glitch mostly thanks to Mr Bill Yeadon. Bill did an incredible job of keeping the event running on time, conversations flowing, interesting and fresh. Each and every class were huge hits and the attendees new how truly lucky they were to have made the trip out. Thank you Bill!

And HUGE thanks to the speakers and vendors who I highly doubt I'll ever to out do in futures events. It was truly amazing to see and hear about the caliber of discussions that took place. Nothing for sale, nothing cliche or tired. Just the highest quality people and companies letting it all hang out for the attendees to collect those proverbial nuggets.

Joe Appleby, Tom King and Mark Saiger knocked it out of the park in the Morning Sessions. I let others share about what was said and done but their trifecta performance was probably the best 6 hours at any carpet cleaners gathering ever. Demien Lucero and the Amazing Adam Hale Show were cherries on the cake.

The Jeff Cross Variety Hour has me hoping to go to his full meal deal asap.

Industry Super Stars Rick Gelinas, Scott Warrington and Brian Thomson delivered the goods in style and with great authority. Big big thanks to Scott for bringing all those hand tools. Everybody had a favorite but no true consensus on a grand winner. Thank you Rick for cleaning up the bar carpet after the Hot Water goons made their mess and thank you Bryan for knocking off a layer on the tile hall way.

The Water Damage boys cleared all misconceptions about their slice of the industry and really wow'd the crowd. Richard and Mike were nervous as heck but came off as the true pros that they are. Keith and Mark were excellent as well. Really impressive. I'm glad I got to sit through most of it.

The vendors were thrilled to have so much action out in the parking lot. The past 5 Connections have not seen that activity. Aerotech, Butler, Masterblend, Prochem and Sapphire all enjoyed the buzz around their trucks. Rotary extractors, 3 Zippers, lots of wands, and countless upholstery tools to play with under the blue skies and perfect temperatures in a park like setting. Everybody loved it. The DukGuard Duo were a big part of the Fest with BUNCH of attendees going home with a new (free) pet. Very nice to have them there and so active with the crowd.

The BBQ dinner and lunches were well received as was the on site tavern. We lucked out with no rain as it would have been a hot humid mess in the room had it poured.

The DukGuard Duo were a big part of the Fest with BUNCH of attendees going home with a new (free) pet. Very nice to have them there and so active with the crowd.

Those that took the time to look around my fair city fell in love and I can't count the requests to bring it back here again next year.

More comments and video to come.

Thanks again to EVERYBODY who helped make it THE best and MY best fest yet!