CHICAGO — Carpet cleaning technicians and carpet cleaning professionals are often asked to advise their clients on the selection of new carpets, and selecting the right carpet is a crucial decision, according to a press release.

According to the release, to assist, Doug Berjer, manager for CFR Corporation and Tornado Industries, offers the following suggestions that technicians and cleaning professionals can use to make the entire process a bit easier:

Colors and patterns: Unfortunately, this is often a subjective decision but selecting the right colors and patterns is a very serious consideration… [read more]

Backings: Some carpet manufacturers offer an extended, even lifetime performance warranty with their carpet backings… [read more]

Padding: Some carpets are now installed with no pad. Traditional roll carpeting should always be installed over a pad… [read more]

Installers: Often overlooked in the carpet selection process, purchasers should always question who will actually be installing the carpet… [read more]

"It is often a good idea not to vacuum carpets right after installation. Give any adhesives used in the installation as well as carpet seams a little time to dry and harden before the first vacuuming," said Berjer.

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