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Is there a best method to clean Berber carpet?

Monday’s Answer:

Most Berber is very difficult to clean. Actually, Berber is not a type of carpet or fiber, but a type of weave.

It is identified by its loop pile construction and usually contains small flecks of dark color on a light shade of background.

berber carpet samplesThe original wool Berber was a challenge, but not as difficult as today’s Olefin Berber. Berber has been produced with wool, polyester, nylon, olefin or PET (recycled plastic bottles) or with a blend of these fibers.

Fiber content can be determined with a burn test, yet it is tricky because there are also wool blends (containing other fibers).

One test is the smell test. When wet, does it smell like a wet dog? If so, it is probably wool, and will require  … Gary Clipperton, president of National Pro Clean Corporation

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