MUKILTEO, WA — Cleaning professionals and carpet cleaning technicians must always practice special safeguards when cleaning carpets in the homes of pet owners, according to a press release.

Just as children are closer to floor areas and can be more impacted by chemicals, chemical fumes, as well as contaminants on floors and carpets, pets are also vulnerable to these risks, the release stated.

"The big problem appears to be [the] chemical residue left in the carpets after cleaning. It is very important that moisture and chemicals be thoroughly extracted when carpets are cleaned," says Mark Cuddy, national sales manager for U.S. Products.

According to the release, to help avoid this from happening to you and your customers, Cuddy suggests the following:

  • Be very careful when using spotters. Spotters can be powerful and leave a chemical residue in the carpet.
  • Pre-spray carpets sparingly, placing more emphasis on heavily soiled areas. "Pre-spraying carpets typically results in less chemical being used," adds Cuddy.
  • Use low moisture carpet extractors. Extraction is the most thorough way to clean carpets. A low moisture system typically uses less water, which can translate into less chemical used in the cleaning process.

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