Doug Dalton with Advanced Carpet Care in Astorio, OR sent in this time lapse video of an encapsulation job at an Indian restaurant. Many feel that traditional encapsulation cleaning isn’t for jobs with heavy amounts of oily soils. Yet the results for Dalton’s company are pretty impressive. Here is what he said about this job:

“Using the Cimex, it took about three hours to do 1073 square feet, going slow and steady to ensure consistency. We had the idea of using the Cimex after exhausting all other methods using hot water extraction and not getting the results we like. Each time previously, using hot water extraction, this job took five-six hours.  We weren’t sure the encaps would have any effect on the greasy soils but we figured it couldn’t be worse than what we were seeing before. The owners were never really happy with the results of our cleanings but understood that without much more frequent cleanings they couldn’t expect much more. After using the Cimex and encapsulation, they were thrilled.”

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