Some reports indicate there are more smartphone subscriptions in the world than those who have clean drinking water or electricity. Business owners must consider consumer use of smartphones if they are to compete, in addition to using them to run the day-to-day tasks of their companies.

“I run my whole office from a smartphone. Print. Copy. Fax. E-mail. Even disaster billing with the Net Claims app and database management with Service Monster. Plus, I run credit cards with Square and use the scanner app to e-mail documents. Everything I used to need an office for.” — Kevin Mortensen, Western Restoration LLC, Richfield, UT

“The apps that really help our business include Service Monster, the Pro’s Choice Stain Guide app and the Reets Drying Psychrometric Calculator.” — Alan Falls, Referral Cleaning and Restoration Inc., Fort Wayne, IN

“The Google calendar app. Use it all the time to schedule work. I don’t have to wait to get back to the office to look it up. I can book work right away. I also use the camera for before and after pictures.”  — Rick Smith, Hurricane Cleaners, Skowhegan, ME

“We use Google calendar. Our secretary inputs jobs on the PC and they magically appear on all of our iPhones. I also love the Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator app for figuring out grain depression.” — Joe Divozzo, Duo-Care Cleaning and Restoration, Sterling Heights, MI

“According to the Google Keyword Tool, more than 24 percent of all searches with the words ‘carpet cleaning’ come from a mobile device.” — Joe Burnich, Wow! Carpet Cleaning, Missoula, MT

“Wow, that’s bigger than I thought (referring to Google searches on smartphones). I know it’s growing quickly, too. Think of where it will be by this time next year, let alone five or 10 years from now. It’s getting to the point where it’s ‘go mobile or go home.’” — Hugh Sinclair, Sinclair Cleaning Systems, Chatham, Ontario, Canada

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