BIRMINGHAM, AL — Cleanfax’s Executive Editor Jeff Cross’ recently interviewed Business Development Associates Inc. (BDA) President Tim Miller during the Experience Convention & Trade Show in early September.

During the video interview, Cross discussed with Miller issues that often arise when restoration companies have outside sales teams, specifically the animosity that often forms between sales and production staffs.

In the video, Miller explains:

Now what’s really critical with most restoration companies…is it’s usually production, and to a lesser extent the administrative staff, that is going to fulfill the promises that the sales team is making out in the streets…

The tip that I would recommend for the restorers that have outside [marketing] people is make sure you get these people together. Have your sales people come into the production meetings. Have your production people go into the sales meetings. When you’re slow, have your production people get in the car with your marketing people. Similarly, make sure that your marketing people get out on a job and see how hard the production side of things.

When you do that, you tend to gain a tremendous amount of compassion for each other’s roles.

Watch the “Mix it Up” video below.

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