What is Monday morning like for adjusters? 

There is a weekend of claims that need attention, and Monday mornings are for catching up. Maybe you, as an owner or manager of a busy restoration firm, can iStock/imbarney22relate.

Even if the losses were initially handled by call centers, on Monday morning they are reassigned to a branch adjuster for continuance. 

Then, there’s the reporting that didn’t get done in the prior week. There are diary lists calling for pending file review. There are management team meetings or focus groups with various agendas.

And that is why Monday morning is not good for marketing to adjusters unless you run into them at a loss they happen to be inspecting.

So, what should Monday morning be like for vendors who sell and market services to adjusters and agents?

This is a day for planning, for research, for reconnaissance.

Set up or get involved with networking and mastermind groups.

Plan what you are going to do the rest of the week… you know, when you might have a chance to get some face or phone time with an adjuster — one who isn’t knee-deep in the Monday morning stuff. 

Independent adjuster Peter Crosa conducts workshops and seminars on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is the author of the 2014 Restoration & Mitigation Contractors Guide to Insurance Repair Marketing. Follow him on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/AdjusterMarket, visit his website at www.SSHCA.net or e-mail him at [email protected] to ask a question.