How do you make customers happy so they keep calling again and again — faithfully?

It is simple, most would say. Do the best job you can. Develop skills that surpass your competition and people will talk about you and you will get tons of jobs.

Here is the problem: Doing good work is not good enough. When you do a good job, whether it is cleaning or restoration, you are doing what the customer expects.

Take, for example, what is usually the first question asked when they contact your company. Most likely, “How much do you charge?” Does anyone ask you, “Do you do good work?”

Sure, some might ask that, but most people expect a carpet cleaning company to get the carpet clean. They expect a water damage restoration company to get the water out and get everything dry.

So when I see a company trying to grow and increase profitability based solely on quality work, I know one thing: It isn’t enough.

Now that I’ve upset you and everyone is mad at Jeff for saying doing good work isn’t enough, let me share with you some ideas that are so simple you may wonder why I’m writing about them. But do me a favor. After reading these few tips, which have absolutely nothing to do with technical skill, analyze your company and really be honest with yourself. Are you doing all of these things as best you can?

Tip #1: Attitude adjustment

It is normal to train your technicians to be friendly, greet the customer, use their name, etc. They are trained to do this from the time the technician knocks on the door to when it is time to collect payment. But when out of sight of management, many return to old habits and their only concern is to get the job done. An attitude of “let’s get out of here” can develop. Customers can sense that.

A high-level, positive attitude should be displayed all the time. It creates an upbeat atmosphere throughout the company. If your team members (employees) aren’t positive and upbeat, you need to rethink your hiring requirements.

Remember, your customers may not remember how fantastic that living room looked after you cleaned it last time. What they will remember is how good you made them feel.

Tip #2: Go beyond what is expected

I’m not talking about cleaning that extra entry mat on your way out the door. If you start doing extras and not charging for them, it is part of the deal the next time you are there. I’m talking about doing something that makes the customer feel really good about the experience, that isn’t part of the “job.”

Think of ways to reward your customers. Is a “Thank-You” card enough? It might be. But what if you were to spend a few dollars for some “Thank You” gifts you send after the job is done… something like a coffee and tea gift basket, or a tea chest, a box of chocolates. The list goes on and on. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tip #3: Solve problems

You must create an image — based on truth — that your company is the absolute best resource for your customer base to use to solve any cleaning or restoration problems. I’m not talking about the technical skill necessary to solve problems. I’m talking about caring enough to solve problems. Your customers will sense this.

The only way you can solve their problems is by knowing what they are. Ask about their concerns, and ensure them you are the company to handle it for them.

Customers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easy to please. Some are impossible to please. You need a system in place to discover exactly what people expect from a problem-solving company, with proper follow-through.

There are so many more simple things you can do to make a difference in how successful your company becomes. Start with the basics and analyze how your company is doing. Your customers will notice — and appreciate it.