It’s a really weird phenomenon… if your customers have something on their mind, something to worry about, something that they see as impacting their lives, their pocketbooks, their future… things can come to a grinding halt.

It’s something I noticed many times as I ran my cleaning and restoration company, especially during election years, like right now.

It’s a time of uncertainty that will virtually change on Tuesday, November 8. Not only will your customers be deciding on local choices for government leadership, they will have to decide between Hillary and Donald.

It’s been on their minds. It’s consumed their thoughts. They wonder, they worry, they fret.

And it’s affected you as well.

Have you noticed a slowdown in the number of jobs you’ve been doing, and perhaps the lower job tickets for those you’ve had recently?

If you have, you are the victim of what economic experts call “heightened uncertainty.” A lack of clarity in upcoming leadership can be one factor in what can cause your customers to pull back on spending, waiting to see what happens next.

I’m not talking about their spending on Amazon or at Walmart, or how often they frequent their favorite restaurant. I’m speaking of what some consider (don’t get mad here) unnecessary expenses, things that “can wait” like carpet cleaning.

You know how it is. If something has to be postponed or cancelled, especially due to economic factors — whether real or imagined — it usually is in the cleaning or maintenance category. You commercial cleaners know exactly what I’m talking about.

What’s next?

As I’ve seen in the past, after an election, no matter who ends up on top, life goes on and it will be business as usual. People tend to be naturally positive and once a decision is made, they get on with their lives and you will see your business back to normal as well.

Get ready for it. Think about the marketing strategy you’ve been using and maybe make some changes that will freshen things up for you.

There’s plenty of work out there for everyone. Sometimes it just hides out for a period of time, such as during an election year. But it will be back.

Be ready.