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ProRestore Products offers antimicrobial treatments for professional cleaning, water and fire restoration, trauma cleanup and more plus Unsmoke™ time-tested solutions for the smoke and fire remediation, and ODORx™ broad spectrum odor control applications.


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Richard Price
(800) 932-3030
(360) 757-7950
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1016 Greentree Rd, Suite 115
Pittsburgh,PA 15220


Why Professionals Choose ODORx 9D9

RSA instructor Brendan Kimmel presents ODORx 9-D-9 from ProRestore. Designed for use in the initial odor-suppression stage of the odor control process, 9-D-9 inhibits the …

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Double-O Odor Counteractant

ProRestore’s ODORx Double-O eliminates the stubborn protein odors resulting from kitchen fires, burned meat, spoiled food, and more. This product is also highly effective against …

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