Master Rug Cleaner

Company Profile

The Master Rug Cleaner Program was founded in 2006 by Ellen Amirkhan, owner of the 100-year old Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. in Dallas, Texas, and Aaron Groseclose, President of MasterBlend. These two recognized industry leaders and experts have collaborated since 1992, bringing their wealth of teaching experience and technical information into a year-long, hands-on program to share with other industry professionals who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of oriental rugs and their care and cleaning. During this year of intense training, Ellen and Aaron take the mystery out of oriental rug cleaning and present a clear and concise method for running a successful rug cleaning business. The combination of Ellen’s expertise plus three generations of oriental rug cleaning experience and Aaron’s knowledge of cleaning chemistry and technology gives Master Rug Cleaner Program students an unparalleled opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of all aspects of the care, cleaning, and repair of oriental and specialty rugs.

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Aaron Groseclose
(443) 562-5714
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3907 Ross Avenue
Dallas,TX 75204