Hydro-Force Manufacturing

Company Profile

Hydro-Force(TM) manufactures the industry’s broadest array of chemicals, accessories, tools and equipment. Hydro-Force has a long history of innovation, going back to its roots when the Hank’s brothers pioneered the use of injection sprayers, now an industry standard all over the world. Hydro-Force cleaning innovations include the SX7 and SX15 hard surface tools, Gekko hand tools, the Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool, Hydro-Well and Nautilus Portable Extractor. Hydro-Force has also expanded with a full line of stone, hard surface, tile and grout, and leather cleaning chemicals.


CX-15™ Carpet Cleaning Tool

The CX-15 rotary cleaner is a crossover tool that bridges the gap between wand cleaning and powered-rotary cleaning.
Water pressures between 400-800 PSI power the high-speed spinning action of twin jets to make over 4,000 cleaning passes/min. Unlike traditional carpet wands, the CX-15 can aggressively clean carpet fibers from multiple directions.

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