Bonnet Pro Carpet Maintenance Technology

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For safe, sustainable high performance carpet encapsulation products consider Bonnet Pro as your main source of supply and support for your low moisture and extraction needs. My goal as the founder of Bonnet Pro is simple. Take my 30 years of cleaning experience and make high performance products for the carpet cleaning industry that not only clean to very high standards but do it safely! We offer the Carpet Max & Mini Max, Surround encapsulating detergents, Bright All booster, Revive carpet encapsulating pads, ProCotton Bonnets, Guardian carpet protector, and NEW Revive iT hydrogen peroxide and citrus low moisture and hot water extraction pre spray and RTU oxy spotter. We are also the inventor of the new Wooplys wool bonnets with Carpet Safe Fiber Technology.



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John Klucznik
(877) 477-1615 | Outside Continental US, (215) 723-5330
(215) 453-9609
[email protected]


4529 Bethlehem Pike
Telford,PA 18969