Dri-Eaz rethinks restoration and creates more powerful yet compact tools

dri-eaz-p2.jpgThe Velo™ slim-line airmover is the first in a totally new generation of Dri-Eaz restoration tools that provide top-level performance in a compact footprint. The Velo uses a patent-pending design to deliver concentrated airflow that’s evenly distributed across the outlet directly to the surface of materials. This unique design eliminates unfocused airflow and achieves the highest-yield drying results.

Thermal images of controlled testing show that the Velo clearly beats the other leading airmovers. Because of the unit’s specially engineered design, it outstrips the competition, even airmovers using twice the amps. The patent-pending design also guarantees even airflow across the outlet, which isn’t the case for other low-profile airmovers.

With its five-position versatility, the Velo is perfect for drying walls, floors, crawlspaces, hallways, under cabinets, up stairs — really anywhere. Drawing only 1.9 amps, up to six units can be daisy-chained together on a 15-amp circuit using the onboard GFCI outlet. It’s built with legendary Dri-Eaz made-in-USA durability — see this durability being tested to the limit by Dri-Eaz engineers in the “Toss the Velo” video at Velo.drieaz.com.

Streamlining with the Velo

dri-eaz-p1.jpgDri-Eaz engineers spent 18 months of research and development to find a way to pack more power into a compact airmover package. Why commit that much time to this project? Dri-Eaz has always taken your feedback seriously. For years you’ve been saying that restoration equipment is too big and too heavy. Sure, performance has come a long way since the early days when equipment was little more than repurposed industrial fans and heavy dehumidifiers on wheels. But it’s still hard to fit everything you need on the truck.

We recognize that your truck is your “toolbox” for any given job, and what won’t fit can’t be used on the job. It’s costly to make extra trips back to the shop to get more equipment. It’s also inefficient — costing you money — to haul one dehu or two airmovers at a time from the truck to the jobsite.

Dri-Eaz knew there had to be a better way to pack more drying power into your toolbox — a way we could help you reduce your labor costs and boost your efficiency. It was time to rethink restoration.

Immediate praise for the Velo

Customers are already talking about the Velo. A customer noted, “I’m really impressed by the performance — they dry better than most other airmovers and they’re so much easier to carry!” Another one said, “It can direct air wherever you want, whether it’s low or up high. It’s good to have the versatility. It can fit in a lot of different places where a normal airmover can’t.”

To learn more about the Velo and see all the details on this breakthrough airmover, visit Velo.drieaz.com.

Rethink restoration with Dri-Eaz.

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