By:  Buddy Rigotti

A common question we get here when it comes to Internet marketing is this: "Why doesn't my website show up on Google?"

Why doesn't my website show up on Google

Keep in mind, just because your website doesn't show up on the first page of Google, doesn't mean it isn't on Google at all. You are most likely competing with dozens of other air duct cleaners in your area who all want to be on the first page of Google too.

To find out if your website is indeed indexed on Google, type this in the search box: (but replace with your actual domain name). What you are doing is searching for all pages on Google that are located at

This search should bring up a list of at least several pages on your website. If you get no results, go here to submit your site to Google.

There are many reasons why your website may not be showing up on the first page of Google. If your site is brand new, it will most likely debut far down on Google, such as page 15 or 20. Generally speaking, Google deems older websites as more relevant than newer websites, so it will take time (typically months) for your website to move up the rankings.

There are many other factors why your website may not be ranking well. The best thing to do is to find a reputable SEO firm to help you. SEO stands for "search engine optimization" and it is the process of optimizing one's website in order to gain higher rankings on the major search engines.

Most SEO firms can run an analysis on your website to determine the areas of optimization that are lacking. Many firms provide this type of report for free. One website we recommend that can help you with this is They have a free SEO Report Card that can help you determine what steps to take to optimize your website better. They also have paid SEO plans that start at $39 per month.