by Mary Dziak, Marketing Manager of Air-Care

We all have had our weeks where everyday seems like a Monday. How can we make our life easier?

Everything you can do to make your business run more smoothly will take the daily tasks and make them easier and more enjoyable. One of the most enjoyable aspects of your day is getting sales. When was the last time you looked at your advertising or marketing to see what was working and what was not?

As a business owner, you risk money everyday on advertising and marketing your business. We all can “guess” or have an idea on what is working, but do we run reports to see what the actual results are? We may be surprised at the results of that report.

We run reports every week and evaluate what is working. I don’t care if you’re spending $1.00 or $1,000.00 on advertising, if it’s not working, why continue. It is very easy with today’s technology and programming to set up a report that will let you know instantly what the results are.

If you make sure that you ask every customer, or better yet, every prospect, what made them call, you can set up the following report.

In an excel spreadsheet, you need the following columns:

  1. Name of Customer
  2. Date of Contact
  3. Date of Service
  4. Source
  5. Sale (Y/N)
  6. Amount of Sale

You will need to know the cost of your advertising, so you can divide the amount of sales by that cost so you can see the “Cost of Sale Per Source”. You also can get your “Cost per Lead” with this same information.

If you use this as a database of your contacts (prospects or customers) and retain an e-mail address for each, you can use this for e-mail marketing or to develop a newsletter to keep your name in front of your customers. If you need help with an e-mail marketing program, call us for information.

This is one simple way to keep several pieces of information at your fingertips to improve the quality of your advertising and make it more efficient.