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GBAC Offers Fundamentals Online Course for Combating Coronavirus

Participants of the GBAC Fundamentals Online Course learn infection and contamination control measures for infectious disease outbreaks.

A Dangerous World: Avoiding Coronavirus Cleaning Liabilities

Cleaners and restorers can open themselves up to huge liabilities when battling the coronavirus.

CIRI Online Science Symposium on Coronavirus Sees High Attendance

The event, which was originally planned for Cincinnati, moved online and focused on coronavirus cleanup and cleaning science. More than 1,000 attended.

CIRI and ISSA to Host Online Symposium Highlighting Coronavirus Response

The 2020 CIRI Science Symposium on March 31 will take place by webcast in accordance with social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus outbreak.

New Study Finds Coronavirus May Be Able to Survive in the Air

In a new coronavirus study, tests suggest that it’s possible for the virus to survive in the air up to three hours and on surfaces up to three days.

Air Purification and Coronavirus

In the midst of our preparations for dealing with the current outbreak, let’s pause and consider: What do we know about air purification and coronavirus?

ISSA Produces Special Coronavirus Webinar as WHO Declares Pandemic

The webinar recording is available to all members of ISSA. Part two of the series on the pandemic will take place Friday, March 13, at 12 pm EST.

RIA Holds Coronavirus Industry Briefing Town Hall

Video recording of the Coronavirus Industry Briefing Town Hall to address preparations being made for the RIA Convention is available.

Stone Forensics Hosts Radio Show on Coronavirus and Stone Surfaces

Fred Hueston of Stone Forensics dedicated his most recent episode of the Stone and Tile Radio Show to concerns about coronavirus and stone surfaces.

CDC Warns Americans to Prepare for Coronavirus Spread in U.S.

As the possibility of a U.S. outbreak becomes more likely, Americans should stock up on food and supplies and prepare for measures like closed schools and workplaces.